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Why Perfect Place is the perfect rental agency for your property?

If there is one thing that our beautiful Estepona is full of, it is people who would love to manage your rental property.  

Some of them are absolutely amazing, and some not so much! 

Here at Perfect Place we love to manage holiday rental properties, and here are a few reasons why we love it so much;

Clients are on holiday

Being on holiday generally means they are in the best mood you will ever find them in, and their happiness is infectious.  What better way to spend your day than with happy people.

Rave about Estepona

Many clients have never visited Estepona before, therefore we can do our favourite thing and rave about it. We can recommend the best restaurants to eat in, or suggest how they can spend their days, what is good for families, those without kids or for solo travellers.  

There is absolutely loads to do in Estepona and we can recommend something for everyone.

Rave about the new bits of Estepona

For the clients who have visited before, Estepona is an ever changing tow.  What better way to greet veteran visitors than updating them on the latest amazing changes.  We can rave for hours about the new pedestrianized beach front, or the latest mural.

Looking after your property

We know our properties like the back of our hands, and I know it is a bit strange, but we become fond of them.  Hence why we will always do regular checks after heavy rains, or other weather issues, and give you a update so you can rest assured that everything is fine.  

In the very rare case that it is not, we will let you know, and do whatever it takes to sort it out.

We love to make you profit

Because your profit means our profit, and like anyone else, we love to make a profit.  It is in our best interest to rent out your property, and get those guests in.  

In a popular property, this means fast turnarounds.  We love to be busy, and high season is always busy.  However, Estepona is fast becoming a very popular town all year round, so we aim to maximize the winter months as well.  Golfers and people in search of the winter sun are always on the look out for great properties.

We like to keep our network busy

We love to be busy but we love to keep other people busy too, from tradesman to our favourite restaurateurs.  We have lived in the Estepona area for nearly 15 years now, and we have taken time to build up a circle of people around us who are likeminded and trusted.  

It has not always been easy to find good people, it comes with time and experience.  But we are very happy to say we have achieved it, and we find new people to add to the circle with every passing year.


We love our clients

We are very lucky to have the ability to pick our clients as much as they choose us, this industry is fun and we want to work with people that we enjoy working with. 

If you would like to know more about us, and what we can offer.  Give Tracey a call on 0034 672 212 368 or have a look at

Don´t forget to follow us on facebook and instagram, where we will be posting updates about Estepona.