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Buying on the Costa del Sol

2020 and 2021 were very strange years indeed, and the beginning of 2022 has not been any better.
Although the threat of Covid seems to have reduced and the vaccine has now being rolled out, there are still a number of cases out there, and of course we are seeing terrible events in the Ukraine.

The Costa del Sol has not escaped all the craziness, although tourists are back, half term saw a very busy town again which was absolutely lovely to see, it has not reached the dizzy heights of 2019. In reality, it is unlikely to really see those kind of numbers until 2023 (fingers crossed).

So, we are left with a lot of questions about our beautiful coast, and its future in the property market.
Will prices drop significantly? And if so, is it worth investing?

Our answer would be that the Costa del Sol will bounce back from a tourism point of view, Spain has been a favourite for years now. It´s close vicinity, and fantastic climate are not going to change, so once all the travel restrictions have gone, we expect the streets to return to their pre covid hustle and bustle.
Towns like Fuengirola, Benalmadena and the always desirable Marbella are firm favourites, due to their fantastic beaches and their choice of activities.

Our town, Estepona has developed into one of the most sought after areas of the Costa del Sol, it holds close its spanish feel, and is simply one of the prettiest towns on the coast.

The ´Garden of the Costa del Sol´ initiative has transformed the town, around every corner is a new park or floral arrangement, palm trees line the main roads and the little old town streets have plant pots in different colours. The result has been simple and stunning, and has only made it more desirable.
This summer, the mayor of Estepona has announced a another dramatic transformation, pedestrianising the beach road, the video below outlines the plans which will make Estepona even more sought after. Although the next few months of construction might be difficult for the locals, it will be fantastic once it is finished.

So buying in Estepona, and indeed the whole of the Costa del Sol, is as attractive as its always been, every element of the coast is improving. New roads are been built, and new amenities. Areas are working on enhancing the beauty that is already there, making sure that the area keeps its fantastic reputation as been an incredible holiday resort.

If you are considering buying and would like it as a holiday rental when you are not using it, it is worth remembering that due to the golf community, Estepona is a good bet for winter rentals too. Although not as profitable as the the summer season, it is still a steady income when other destinations would be quiet.

Whenever, and for whatever reason you might buy a property, Spain is no different to any other country, it is location, location, location. Buying the centre of a town is always a good bet, great for rentals, and central for you.

If you are seriously considering a move, or just a relocation along the coast, don´t hesitate to give us a ring or message on We have raised kids, built two businesses and created a life for ourselves here, we are always happy to pass on our experience and help others.

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